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The personalizable picture book app with offline activities

Safe environment and gentle tech for parents and kids

Introduce technology to your kids in a safe and gentle environment. Help them get creative and bridge the gap between the digital and real world by creating a smooth transition.

Redefining our children's digital and real world experience

Helping you introduce tech to your children

By providing you with a safe and gentle environment, nurturing creativity with personalizable educational content, short screen time, and offline activities that complement the stories, creating a smooth bridge from digital back to the real world.


Create your own Lotie and choose an adventure you wish to embark on.


Make memories by creating your own unique stories and record your voice-over so your children can listen to you read them later.


Gently go back to the real world by switching to suggested offline activities that complement the stories in order to reduce screen time and power struggles.

Read each book in 27 unique ways!

Every reading is a new experience. After you created your own Lotie, create your own adventure to embark on. It fosters creativity and helps your child learn about the world, people, pets, friendships and emotions.  With the help of digital reading and offline activities that complement it. You can do it together, or simply give them Loties if you need a break. It’s fine, it’s Loties.

Shared experience and quality time together, as well as your child’s individual time for solitary play.

Meet the parents behind Loties

Becoming a parent after being in tech my whole life made me realize there is so much more that had to be done to make use of technology better for kids. We just had to come up with a way to make it more creative, more gentle, safer, and less addictive. A brand new, healthier way to introduce them to technology which fostered their brilliant little minds, yet kept them grounded in the “offline” world.

Petar Gregović, Dad, co-founder, Loties

Parenting is my greatest passion, both personally and professionally, as a mom and a parent educator. I’ve learned firsthand that kids follow our lead, highlighting the importance of setting a positive example. Juggling today’s fast-paced world with being there for my children inspired Loties—a project that fills me with pride and purpose.

Una Pašić Gregović, Mom, co-founder, Loties

Blessed with having a long and beautiful career as an English teacher, being the author of many English high school textbooks, I’ve always dreamt of being a children’s book author. Today, I am living that same dream, and more so, with my son, my grandkids and my family and writing children’s books for Loties.

Anica Gregović, Grandma, co-founder, Loties

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Join us in transforming the digital world for kids, making it a safe space rather than a harmful habit. We’ll foster creativity and children’s development, balancing digital and offline activities.